The Buttery: Current Residents

Pryder mab Aurddolen a/k/a Pryderi m/k/a Mark Dulcey

Pryder is the Media Consultant of The Buttery. He has been the dear friend and love of Marian for many years (almost as long as the house has existed), but didn't actually move in until the end of 1994. (Many people mistakenly thought he was a Butterer for much longer.) He is also the creator of this web site, the system administrator of, and has his own home page.

Early in Pryder's life, he dabbled in Druidism, the religion of his home country of Wales. Later, he realized that the religious life was not for him, and took up the bow. Since then, he has realized that he is too allergic to morning to get to archery practice regularly. These days, he goes to SCA events to dance, flirt, and hang out with his friends.

Mark is a geek of all trades; he's done many things related to computers (programming, system administration, user assistance, building and repair) and other geeky things. He's (barely) a published photographer; some product pictures he took in the early 1990s appeared in trade magazines. If it's an electronic gadget, Mark wants it and probably knows a lot about it. His first try at college (drinking from the firehose that is MIT) was not a notable success, but his second try (at Harvard Extension) was better.


This one-time dancemistress of Carolingia has long since retired from the SCA. (Well, mostly; she shows up at an event once every couple of years or so.) But she still consents to hang out with us Modern Middle Agers anyway.


Mike is an entrepreneur; he hosts web sites for small companies, offers moving services, and sells things on eBay. He likes to call his room the Mancave.


Jane is a returning Butterer. She lived here from 1995 to 2001 and earned a degree from UMass Boston; after spending some time on her own and with her family she has decided to return.

Jane is a writer and Poet who has performed at the Oyster Festival in Orleans. She is also known as "Readings By Jane" doing life readings and healing for people. Jane is a kind of Networking Queen bringing people together. She enjoys reading out loud in front of the fire or over the kitchen table to her housemates. And has been called "Jane, Build a Fire!" by the housemates more than once in the winter time because she builds a good fire. She and Nika have both become "Scone Goddesses" and will be passing on the legacy of Marian's Scone making.


Nika is our newest Butterer. She has appeared in productions of I Sebastiani, The Greatest Commedia del'Arte Troupe in the Entire World, and we've managed to get her to one complete event now. She also loves to engage all of us in long and endlessly fascinating conversations.


We found Tara because she hangs around a lot of the same social circles as some of us. Mostly she's quiet, but sometimes she surprises us all with some tasty cookies or other baked things.