How to get to The Buttery

We're located at 24 Kenwood St. in Dorchester, near Codman Square (and not far from Fields Corner). Our recommended routes for those new to Dorchester:

Driving from the north or west:

From the south:

From the southwest (i.e., I-95 from Providence, Rt. 1 south of Boston, etc.):

If you're wondering why we're sending you on Talbot Ave., rather than Woodrow Ave. or Norfolk St. (both of which are a bit shorter), it's a matter of simplicity and available landmarks. Those other streets are harder to spot, and Norfolk St. is a windy thing that's hard to follow.

From Jamaica Plain and some other in-town locations:

Special warning: this set of directions is intended for people with knowledge of Boston and experience driving here. If you don't qualify, use the first set of directions, even though they may be longer from your location.

By T:

By T shuttle bus (when the Red Line isn't running):

The maps below show the suggested routes. The first map is a highway overview, showing the exits from I-93. The second map is a neighborhood overview. The third map is a detail of our neighborhood. The red lines show the driving directions from the north and west. The blue lines show the alternate Dorchester Day driving directions from the north and west. The purple lines show the Dorchester Day driving directions from the south and southwest. The dark green line, shown only on the neighborhood detail map, shows the walking directions from Shawmut Station. (The light green line showed a detour around construction; it is no longer necessary.) The pink line shows the route from the suggested bus stop on Dorchester Avenue, for use when the Red Line isn't running.

If you get lost, give us a call at (617) BUT-TERY (that's 288-8379) and we'll tell you how to get here.

New for 2008: a link to an interactive Google Map. We also still have the old-fashioned non-interactive maps:


Alternate directions for Dorchester Day

Once in a while, Dorchester Ave. gets closed for a parade. In case it matters when you're trying to get here, here's how to get to The Buttery without using Dot. Ave...

The directions from Jamaica Plain, and the directions from the south and southwest don't use Dot. Ave. And the T operates normally during the parade, though the trains may be more crowded than usual.


From the north and west:

If you miss the Mass. Ave. turn (not that hard to do), you will reach the South Bay shopping center after a bit. Take a right turn into the shopping center, and drive all the way through it, emerging through the exit at the other end onto Mass. Ave. Turn left, and pick up from "Continue on Mass. Ave. until it ends".

There are also times when the road through Franklin Park is closed. This happens when there are large festivals in the park, such as the Caribbean and Puerto Rican festivals. When that road is closed, the directions from Jamaica Plain won't work, and there is no easy-to-describe direct alternate route from there; you'll just have to take one of the other (roundabout) routes.