These are the generations of The Buttery.

The first part of the history (through 1981) was originally kept by Kali Harlansson. The later part was recorded by Marian of Edwinstowe. The Web version was produced by Pryder mab Aurddolen.

Although the original chronicle used legal names for many people, the names of all people in the SCA have been replaced by their current Society names (which may not be the ones they used when they lived here) for this web version, in order to protect the privacy of the people involved. Some of the earlier ones are done from my memory, and may not be spelled correctly; Liber Carolingiae was used to check the ones who still live around here. I used only first names of people who aren't in the SCA.

June 1978
The beginning. Enter Marian of Edwinstowe, Gillian of the Green Woods, Vissevald Selkirksson, Embla Willsdottir (now Eva van Oudeachterkol), and Kali Harlansson of Gotland.
July 1978
The First Novice. Enter Glenn.
Summer of 1978
The Transients: Roger, Rosamund, Betsy
January 1979
The Big Surprise. Exit Glenn. Enter Kobayashi Yutaka and (in theory) Johan von Traubenberg.
March 1979
Leaving The Nest. Exit Gillian. Enter Johan and (in practice) Caryl de Trecesson.
May 1979
The Lady Vanishes. Exit Embla in theory (already gone in practice).
July 1979
The Little People Take Over. Enter Casella.
Summer of 1979
Guest appearance by John of Canterbury. Frequent crashing by barn-razers.
September 1979
Reality Acknowledged. Enter Caryl in theory.
December 1979
"I won't have to move again every year." a/k/a "Will ye no come back again?" Exit Vis.
January 1980
"Didn't we have a long skinny one here just a year ago?" Enter Rhys.
March 1980
"Yeah, but the little ones are here continuous." Exit Casella, enter Darcy Campion of Deveraux.
June 1980
Return of the Native + Cherchez la Femme. Exit Kobayashi, enter Gillian (who pains stars in her new room).
October 1980
Gillian goes west on Green Tortoise Buslines.
November 1980
Darcy moves to Cambridge. David and Sylvia move in Thanksgiving weekend.
December 1980
Rhys moves out. Algernon Hartesmond moves in gradually.
January 1981
David joins VISTA and leaves. Ygerne moves in.
April 1981
Kali and Caryl leave. Malice moves into Kali's "grape jellybean" room and paints it blue. Beverly moves into the Big Bedroom and paints it tan.
June 1981
Johan moves out of the garret. Aidien moves in.
August 1982
Beverly leaves.
September 1982
Rich moves in.
May 1983
Sylvia moves out. Barbara moves into the small room. We thought at first that she might be too wholesome to survive here, but we were wrong.
August 1983
Aidien moves out. Beth takes over the garret.
September 1983
Brian moves into the Star Chamber.
January 1984
John of Canterbury and Eithna Fraser of Canterbury swell our numbers for two months while they look for an apartment.
April 1984
Gillian and Muriel take up residence in the computer room (now known as the skylight room) and stay until June.
August 1984
Brian moves out. Piyush moves in. Rich and Piyush hold two Loud Parties during his residence here.
May 1985
Piyush's fiancee moves in for two months; they both move out in June.
July 1985
Chiron of Thessaly moves into the Star Chamber.
August 1985
Barbara is accepted to doctoral program at Madison; moves out.
September 1985
Vis moves in yet again, this time taking both the small room and the computer room.
November 1986
Rich leaves the Big Bedroom. Vis moves into it; the computer room returns to being a guest room. Marian, who is not well, moves into the parlor to avoid stairs.
December 1986
Rose Alessandro de Firenze moves into the small room.
Winter / Spring 1987
Muriel and Gillian move in for a while to help Marian through her illness.
June 1987
Marian is now well enough to reclaim her second-floor room; the parlor is once again a parlor.
July 1987
Rose moves out. Vis claims the small room for his computer; our numbers are now down to six, and have mostly remained so since.
August 1990
Malice leaves; moves to Seattle to live with Mustafa. Chiron moves into Malice's room. Algernon leaves; Ygerne moves into his room. Reynard des Montaignes, who had previously been staying in the skylight room between trips to Virginia (he was there most of the time working), moves into the Star Chamber and put the stars out. Bill (another Bill, not Reynard) moves into the garret.
January 1991
Bill moves out. Mara moves in with Vis, and uses the garret as a sewing room.
February 1994
Chiron buys a house in Ayer and leaves.
March 1994
Richard de Lacy moves in.
November 1994
Vis and Mara buy a house in the neighborhood from Pamelina of Avon, and move out. Their new home becomes known as Melville Keep, and houses a bunch of people we know: Rose, Alessandro the Storyteller, Alexander Listkeeper (who has since moved out), and Barbara (not the one who lived here in 1983; moved in when Alexander left). Fernando Salazar y Perez and Ianthe d'Averiogne also lived there for a bit when they returned to Carolingia, but have since bought a house in Arlington.
December 1994
Pryder mab Aurddolen moves in with Marian. He also takes over the former upstairs kitchen, turning it into an office, and occupies the parlor with bookshelves. Ysabeau (the fencer from Maine, not the Countess) moves into the small room.
Summer 1995
Rebecca stays with Richard de Lacy for the summer.
August 1995
Richard de Lacy and Rebecca depart for Chicago, where she is attending school. Jane of Burnham moves into Richard's room.
October 1995
Ysabeau follows her heart(throb) to Idaho, moving out. (She has since returned to the area, but not to our house.) Richard (a different one) moves into the small room.
May 1996
Marian starts building a second house in the back yard. It is to be the future home of the Battlefield Bakery at the Pennsic War. The house is held together with bolts; it's designed to come apart and be packed up.
Summer 1996
John of Canterbury and Eithna buy a nearby house. Al and Masha (other SCA friends who have never lived here) also buy a house in the neighborhood. We're slowly taking over!
July 1997
The Little House On The Battlefield is completed. It is loaded into its trailer, and makes the journey to Coopers' Lake.
August 1997
Reynard moves into his new house, two blocks away. Richard moves back to Lancaster (where he had lived before coming here).
September 1997
Ted and Eric, two Cheeseheads from Wisconsin, are our newest Butterers. This makes life more interesting when the Patriots and Packers play!
November 1997
Gillian returns once again, moving into the skylight room. Her children become frequent visitors.
March 1998
Gillian moves out; we're back to the now usual six. She stays in the Boston area, however, and her children still visit frequently.
June 1998
Eric takes an apprenticeship in Connecticut, moving out for the summer. Sabine takes over his room.
August 1998
Ted departs for Atlanta, following his sweetie. We originally thought that Ted and Eric would have to leave together, because they were so close, but things change. Richard (the one who lived here from 1995-1997) decides he doesn't like commuting from Lancaster after all, and moves back in.
September 1998
Eric returns, but not for long...
October 1998
Eric decides to move into his own place. Jim, who is also a student at the North Bennett School, moves in, adding a pleasant musical note to the household.
January 1999
Pryder and Marian are married in a surprise ceremony on New Year's Day. (A surprise wedding, you ask? Well, we have this big party every year, so our friends were already coming, and we didn't bother to tell them that there would be a wedding.)
May 1999
The Buttery becomes an early adopter of DSL; we just might be the first house in Dorchester to be hooked up.
June 1999
Jane gets a scholarship to a summer program at Oxford, and leaves for three months; April joins us for the summer. Jim graduates from school, and decides to return to Connecticut; Bill (a new one, not any of the previous Bills) moves in.
September 1999
Jane returns.
September 2000
Richard leaves again, this time to take a job with Intel in Hudson. Jesse moves in. A game of musical rooms ensues, as Bill moves into Richard's room, and Jesse takes the one that Bill used to be in.
March 2001
Jane leaves us (sniff), fulfilling her desire to move out of the city. Davis joins us. Our ISP goes belly-up, causing a transition in our cyberspace link. ( was hosted outside at the time, so it was not affected.)
June 2001
The Buttery gets repainted more creatively. The main color is a sort of cream color; the trim is done in four shades of blue. (A fifth blue known as Dorchester Blue is used for the underside of the porch roof. For many years it was the traditional color for houses in our neighborhood to use there, kind of like houses in Hazleton PA always had dark green rocking chairs on the porch. One of life's little mysteries.)
? 2002
Bill leaves us, removing half the opportunity for late-night geek conversation. Jesse's girlfriend (and later fiancee) Jen joins us.
September 2003
Jesse and Jen decide that Boston isn't a big enough town for the two of them; they depart for New York. Joel moves in, and puts in a major effort transforming the small room.
October 2003
Alex (a female Alex, not any of the three men known as Alex or Alexx who have lived in various SCA households in the neighborhood) returns to Carolingia to become a Butterer.
March 2004
The garret room, long used for storage, once again has an occupant. Chris joins us.
November 2004
Joel suddenly decides to move on. We're back to six for now.
April 2005
Lauren moves into the small room. After two months she decides she's more of a Cambridge girl and moves out again.
August 2005
Tara takes over the small room. Chris moves out of the garret room to marry his sweetie Heather.
September 2005
Kevin the First moves into the garret.
December 2005
An extraordinary windstorm causes many of our roof shingles to depart. We get new roofing. The storm also removes some of the second floor porch railing; it is later restored using a combination of old and new wood.
May 2006
Kevin moves out.
June 2006
Kris M (not the Chris who lived here before), moves into the garret.
July 2006
Due to irreconcilable differences (we expected her to pay rent), Kris moves out.
August 2006
Alex moves to Somerville to be closer to Tufts, where she is getting a doctorate.
September 2006
Kevin the Second moves into the garret. Graham moves into Alex's old room.
November 2006
The GREAT BEDBUG SCARE. Dave gets some unexpected roommates. All furniture must be removed from near walls, throughout the entire house. We rent a storage space for books, bookcases, and much other stuff. Dave moves out -- an unconnected occurrence. Three monthly extermination treatments are performed. As the house is relatively empty we arrange for removal of wallpaper, interior painting, and floor refinishing. Work is completed by mid-January 2007. Stuff returns from the storage space to the house throughout February.
April 2007
Heather (Kevin's fiancee) rents Dave's old room, even though she does not move in until June.
June 2007
Heather and Kevin occupy Heather's room, using the garret as an office.
March 2008
Graham moves to Brookline, closer to his work. Mike takes over Graham's third-floor room.
July 2008
Heather departs for Chicago. Kevin keeps the second floor room; Dan-Victor moves into the garret.
October 2008
Kevin follows his sweetheart to Chicago. Jane returns and reclaims her big room on the second floor.
May 2009
As Dan-Victor's time at Carney Hospital ends, he buys a condo to be closer to his new residency. Nika moves into the garret.