Honorary Butterers

Over the years, a number of people (other than the ones who have lived here) have done things that helped make The Buttery what it is today. We acknowledge some of them here.

Cariadoc of the Bow m/k/a David Friedman

Cariadoc is the Economic Advisor to The Buttery. He advised Marian on the purchase of the house (including his all-important observation: "You should buy this house. You will be happy here.")

Cariadoc is also a double-Duke, having been King of the East twice and King of the Middle twice. These days, he is best known for running the Enchanted Ground camping area at the Pennsic War, which is famous for its nightly campfires with storytelling and song.

David Friedman is the author of numerous books on economics, both texts (Price Theory) and popular treatments (Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life and Law's Order: What Economics Has to Do with Law and Why It Matters), a classic treatment of anarcho-capitalism, The Machinery of Freedom, and a fantasy novel, Harald.

Eugenie de Bruges m/k/a Greer Gilman

Eugenie is the Poet Oleate. She wrote a wonderful song (I'm trying to find a copy of the words), "Come to The Buttery", about our house. Greer is the author of Moonwise, a fantasy novel originally published by Roc in 1991, and republished by Prime Books in 2005.


Muriel is The Buttery's Floating Population. She spend a number of years working as crew on sailing ships (wooden ones when she could), and would come to stay for a while when she was between berths. Muriel also lived here for a few months in 1986 during Marian's illness, helping take care of her.

Florian of the Glen m/k/a Chip Hitchcock

Florian is one of the three people to have held the title of Associate Butterer, and the only one still left. He has spent many long hours helping to make our major parties happen, and he carves the turkey every Thanksgiving. Florian is still a frequent visitor to The Buttery.

Chip is a well-known SMOF (Secret Master of Fandom) who has worked on countless science fiction conventions. He chaired Boskone in 1980 and 1987, and co-chaired the World Fantasy Convention in 1999 with his wife, Davey Snyder.

(What happened to the other two Associate Butterers? They both ended up living here later. Mara is now a Butterer Past, and Pryder is one of the current residents.)