Mark's picture gallery

Picture of Mark - taken 1995 at
  Virtually Wired by Jim Davis
This is the photo that I have used on my website for the past three years. It was taken at Virtually Wired in 1995 by Jim Davis, using an Apple QuickTake digital camera. I suspect the original file was larger, but this is the only version I have.

Self-photograph of Mark - taken 11 August 1998
This is a self-photograph taken on August 11, 1998 with a Nikon CoolPix 900 digital camera. The original photograph was taken at 1280x960 resolution; you can click on the image for a full-size version, or here to see the original file from the CoolPix (warning: 600K download!).

Mark at a Border Morris gig in Lowell MA
Marian took this picture at the first annual solstice celebration in Lowell, MA, December 20, 1998. This was my first public appearance with MOTley Morris since I started practicing with them (though I did dance in with them for one dance at Lilac Sunday last spring), and one of my first experiences with full face paint. (Not quite the first; I painted my entire face green once as part of an Envy costume for a Hallowe'en party.) The rag coat I'm wearing was borrowed from Rob; my own was still too much of a work in progress at the time.

Mark at
LCFD Winter Dance Camp February 1999         Mark at
LCFD Winter Dance Camp February 1999
Robin took these for me at the LCFD Winter Dance Camp in February, 1999. (The LCFD camp is a gender-free contradance event.) This was my outfit for the costume/dress-up ball on Saturday night.

Bonus question: Name all the varieties of cosmetic I'm wearing in these pictures. Send your answers to - I'll let you know if you got them all. Hint: if you don't know me IRL, you'll have trouble figuring out one of them.

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