Philosophical ramblings

The dates given for these rants are the oldest timestamps for them that I have found on any of my systems. The timestamps on the ones currently on the web server are later in 1998, and all the same; those mark the date and time of a long-ago system upgrade.

The decline and fall of America

Why the 21st century isn't going to be a fun time to live.
Originally written on or before April 20, 1998.

The decline and fall revisited

A scorecard ten years later.
Originally written September 17, 2008.

How to tax

Nobody likes taxes, but some are less bad than others. Here's what I think.
Originally written on or before May 19, 1998.

Transportation choices

We've overemphasized the car, with horrible consequences for society. Here's why it's a mistake, and what we can do.
Originally written on or before May 19, 1998.