Mark J. Dulcey
24 Kenwood St.
Dorchester MA 02124-2212
phone: (617) 372-3444

Professional experience

US Census Bureau

I was a crew leader for the address canvassing operation. I supervised a crew of 18 people who verified and revised the address list for a section of Boston.

Connexion Systems

I am currently represented by Connexion Systems for technical employment, and have done temporary assignments including the following:

Genzyme: Computer moves (detach and pack systems and peripherals, reconnect at new location)
Thomson Reuters: Computer moves
Phillips Academy: Configured student computers for campus network, virus and spyware removal
BJ's Wholesale Club: Upgrades of POS systems

Brooklyn is Watching

I am currently a photographer and blogger for Brooklyn is Watching, a mixed-reality art gallery (partly in the Second Life virtual world, partly in the art gallery Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn, NY).


Taught workshops in computer graphics to children in grades 4-6.

Electric Sheep Company

I was a greeter at Virtual CSI:NY, an area of the Second Life virtual world set up for fans of the CBS television show. My responsibilities included welcoming new arrivals, helping residents who were having technical or non-technical problems with the Second Life software or the CSI games, and answering questions about Virtual CSI:NY and Second Life.

Buttery Network Services

While returning to college I worked as a consultant to homes and small businesses. I installed Windows, Macintosh, and Linux servers and workstations, set up DSL and cable broadband service, installed wireless and wired routers, network switches, and cabling, cleaned out viruses and spyware, and installed applications.


Designed and developed interactive web pages for entry and maintenance of corporate databases, including equipment and customers, using Perl and PHP scripts. Designed, installed, and maintained MySQL databases for the data. Also worked as a strategic mapper, producing customized location and demographic maps using MapInfo software.

Banta Integrated Media

Worked on an object-oriented Perl project to produce print catalogs. The input was XML, exported from a database maintained by another division of Banta; the output was laid-out Quark XPress pages.

Harrison & Troxell, Inc.

Designed and developed web pages and scripts for client web sites, and maintained existing scripts. Programming was done primarily in Perl, with some work in C, C++, Java, and Javascript. Applications included online directories, user registration, and e-commerce. Installed and configured Netscape server software (Web, directory, calendar) on Solaris and Windows NT systems. Installed Perl and Perl modules. Created and maintained user accounts. Installed applications on Solaris.

Zoom Telephonics, Inc.

Designed home page, online factory store, annual report, advertising, and news sections of Zoom web site. Maintained web site content, including news, press releases, online product registration, technical support, and product specifications. Installed Red Hat Linux as in-house and Internet web server, name server (DNS), electronic mail server, router, and firewall. Installed and maintained web clients, email clients, and other software on Windows and Macintosh clients.


Harvard University Extension

ALB (Bachelor of Liberal Arts) in Natural Sciences. IT classes include Digital Circuit Design, GUI Programming, Multimedia Design, OpenGL Graphics, Data Structures, and Computer Architecture.