Other Butteries on the Web

Except for Marilyn Buttery (who rates a mention because she owns buttery.com), we have only listed places, not people. Buttery is a not-extremely-uncommon last name; there are a number of references on the web. There are also more Butteries that rate a passing mention in a restaurant list, article, or similar listing; we have only included those that have web pages of their own.

Listing here does not imply endorsement. So far, I have not visited any of the establishments listed here other than the Glasgow restaurant. (Marian and I had a wonderful meal there just after the 2005 Worldcon; we recommend it highly to visitors to Glasgow who are looking for a special, albeit expensive, meal.)

Former other Butteries (some may still exist, but web links are gone now):

If we have missed your Buttery, send me email and let me know!