The New Carolingian Modelbook (excerpt)

Pattern published in The new Carolingian modelbook: Counted embroidery patterns from before 1600
by Ianthé d'Averoigne (Albuquerque, NM: Outlaw Press, 1995), pp. 122-123; ISBN 0-9642082-2-9.

Plate 59
"The Buttery" Inhabited Twist All-Over Repeat

Center of twist to center of twist: 26 units.

This is an original pattern. The scroll work, acorn, pomegranate, carnation, pear, and strawberry design elements are based on other period patterns, circa 1560-1625. All other flowers are my own creation. Acorns, thistles, morning glories, strawberries, lilies, roses and other flowers all entwined remind me of the Carolingian house after which this pattern is named.

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The Buttery, an embroidery pattern by Kim Brody Salazar