Mark and Marian's wedding pictures

Here are a few pictures from the New Year's party, taken shortly after Mark and Marian's wedding. In keeping with the wishes of the bride and groom, no pictures were taken during the ceremony.

You can see a bigger version of each picture by clicking on it.

The groom (center) poses with his mom and dad. Jane can be seen in the background.
The Dulceys gather with the bride and groom. From the left: Elizabeth Dulcey, Daniel Dulcey, Marian Walke, Mark Dulcey, Charles Dulcey Sr., Mary Beth Morabito, Charles Dulcey Jr.
Some friends offer a wedding toast. From left: Greer, Alex, Chip, Jack.
The current (as of January 1999) residents of The Buttery. From left: Marian, Jim, Mark, Jane, Richard, Beth.
We had to include a picture of the cutting of the cake - it's a tradition. Alas, the photographer didn't take any where we actually show. But this one does at least show the cake (from Rosie's Bakery) to good advantage.
J.J. makes a face for the photographer.
A somewhat typical scene on the first landing. From left: Jeff, J.J., Mark.
They look so cute together...